Recipe and how to for beautiful vegan wedding cake

by Jasmin

Last Weekend a good friend of mine got married! We went to Highschool together and believe it or not, but it’s already been 10 years since we finished school and went off to college! 

Lucky as I am, she trusted me with making her wedding cake. Since I am currently going to Pastry School in France and the wedding took place in Germany, I wasn’t sure if I could miss out on a couple of school days to return to Germany early enough in order to have enough time to actually bake the cake.

Which is why we decided pretty spontaneously that I will be baking a cake for her. And guess what… It needed to be VEGAN. Do I have a lot of experience baking vegan pastries? Hell no! But I do like challenges and knowing that Germany offers a wide variety of vegan substitutes for butter, cream etc. I was pretty optimistic that I could do it.

And well, I guess I did it! To make my life easier and because the wedding took place in August, I decided to keep it fruity. In the picture above you can see the picture of my very first vegan wedding cake, which was not only pretty but also delicious! The top tier was a fresh strawberry-pistachio cake and the one below a fruity mango-passionfruit cake. 

Since I also had no idea on how to make a vegan buttercream and I didn’t just want to mix vegan butter and icing sugar, I did what I usually do – I went for a Swiss Meringue Buttercream! Now you might be wondering how that worked. Well believe me, I was sincerely surprised that I worked out so beautifully on the first try. I was also doing vegan macarons for the wedding using a Swiss meringue. So I figured I would try to use this Swiss Meringue as the base of my buttercream. And it actually worked.


Dear Readers, since I am quite busy with Pastry School, I am having troubles finding the time to finish this blog post. Rest assured that there will be more coming soon! 

Vegan Strawberry-Pistachio Weddingcake

Servings 80 people


Vegan Strawberry-Pistachio Weddingcake

    Vegan Biscuit

    • 56 g Coconut Oil
    • 820 g Flour
    • 616 g Brown Sugar
    • 84 g Almond Flour
    • 28 g Baking Powder
    • 28 g Sodium Bicarbonate
    • 8 g Potato Protein
    • 620 g Soy Milk
    • 208 g Sunflower Oil
    • 82 g Apple Cider Vinegar

    Vegan Strawberry Curd

    • 240 Soy Milk
    • 135 Sugar
    • 50 Cornstarch
    • 170 Strawberry Purée
    • 60 Vegan Butter

    Strawberry Compote

    • 330 g Strawberry Purée
    • 140 g Fresh Strawberries
    • 8 g NH Pectin
    • 50 g Sugar
    • 7 g Lemon Juice

    Vegan Pastry Cream

    • 234 g Soy Milk
    • 2,5 g Agar Agar
    • 47 g Sugar
    • 60 g Soy Milk
    • 15 g Cornstarch
    • 15 g Flour

    Vegan Pistachio Creme Mousseline

    • 230 g Vegan Pastry Cream from recipe above
    • 72 g Pistachio Paste from recipe above or bought
    • 120 g Vegan Butter room temperature

    Vegan Creme Mousseline with fresh strawberries

    • 135 g Vegan Pastry Cream from recipe above
    • 55 g Vegan Butter room temperature
    • 170 g Fresh Strawberries

    Vegan Swiss Meringue Buttercream

    • 380 g Water
    • 24 g Potato Protein
    • 124 g Water
    • 492 g Sugar
    • 600 g Vegan Butter
    • 80 g Passionfruit Purée

    Vegan Mango-Passionfruit Weddingcake


    Vegan Mango-Passionfruit Weddingcake

      Vegan Biscuit

      • 112 g Coconut Oil
      • 1.640 g Flour
      • 1.232 g Brown Sugar
      • 168 g Almond Flour
      • 56 g Baking Powder
      • 56 g Sodium Bicarbonate
      • 16 g Potato Protein
      • 1.240 g Soy Milk
      • 616 g Sunflower Oil
      • 164 g Apple Cider Vinegar

      Almond Croustillant

      • 77 g Vegan Butter
      • 30 g Flour
      • 77 g Brown Sugar
      • 120 g Powdered Almonds

      Vegan Mango Curd

      • 240 g Soy Milk
      • 135 g Sugar
      • 50 g Cornstarch
      • 170 g Mango Purée
      • 60 g Vegan Butter

      Vegan Passionfruit Curd

      • 240 g Soy Milk
      • 135 g Sugar
      • 50 g Cornstarch
      • 170 g Passionfruit Purée
      • 60 g Vegan Butter

      Mango Compote

      • 50 g Water
      • 330 g Mango Purée
      • 1/2 g Fresh Mango
      • 7 g Pectin NH
      • 20 g Sugar

      Vegan Passionfruit Confit

      • 280 g Passionfruit Purée
      • 80 g Mango Purée
      • 72 g Sugar
      • 8 g Pectin NH
      • 50 g Sugar

      Vegan Pastry Cream

      • 172 g Soy Milk
      • 2 g Agar Agar
      • 34 g Sugar
      • 43 g Soy Milk
      • 11 g Cornstarch
      • 11 g Flour

      Vegan Creme Mousseline with fresh Mangos

      • 270 g Vegan Pastry Cream from recipe above
      • 110 g Vegan Butter room temperature
      • 1/2 Fresh Mango

      Vegan Swiss Meringue Buttercream

      • 680 Water
      • 43 Potato Protein
      • 222 Water
      • 881 Sugar
      • 1.075 Vegan Butter
      • 100 g Passionfruit Purée
      • Food Colouring liposoluble, for pistachio green you need green, yellow, blue and brown

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